30 days because... 

We're making decisions, plans, systems, and communication to incorporate into your REAL life.

YOU'RE BUSY, You're stressed, & You don't have Extra time. 
let me get straight to the point...


This is for you if...

You've been secretly hoping someone will rescue you from all of the tasks, obligations, decisions stressing you out, bore you to tears, or make you feel like you're taking crazy pills. 

You feel like you're chasing rather than flowing.

You've felt overwhelmed with your regular life and then still volunteered to throw someone a baby shower (or wedding shower, or birthday, or make them dinner, or...) 

You say "Yes" to new commitments without even thinking about whether or not you actually want/can do it. (And then feel stuck in your affirmative response.) 

You feel like the obligations of your life have overtaken the joy. 

You want your life to be easier, you're pretty sure it can be simple, but you're wondering when the hell it got so difficult and if there really is another way. (Hoping to everything that it can be better.)

You know that you're more than the labels given to you  (woman, daughter, sister, mother, wife, etc.) but lately you've lost yourself among all of it. (Or maybe you've never found yourself, but are ready now.)

You want to be seen, acknowledged, & supported for the simple fact that you are YOU. 

You're ready to reach out for help.

I can only grab your hand if you reach towards me.
And I will fight like hell to bring you into a life of ease. 


You'll be able to breathe again. Hope outweighing the fears.

A feeling of safety to begin moving out of the "shoulds" of life.

Permission to step into your REAL SELF.

You won't feel alone anymore.

You'll remember you have an actual LIFE rather than a day filled with tasks and obligations.

A concrete plan to implement in your top priorities of life with support as you implement.

A combination of systems unique to you & created based on your wants/needs.

Move through & passed blocks as they arise (many you didn't even know were there!)

Confront limiting beliefs (& of course we'll build a system to keep those pesky notions at bay.)

Confidence, because I KNOW you can make this happen.

A hand to hold that will not hold you back or pull you too abruptly forward.

A gentle lead that only pulls forward with kindness. 

"What is it, really?"

A giant leap in the direction of curing your overwhelm (because if you don't do something soon someone might get hurt.)

Weekly sessions with a master of systems (that's me! Hi!) 

Check-ins during the week to ensure that you're on track to your word.

Momentum to getting your life on track to feeling good, easy, & free.

My hand reaching out for you, ready to pull you out from under the shit, I mean "shoulds".

My undivided attention & focus to moving you on & up with kindness & systems.

Support, love, humanity, & encouragement because you're not alone and I will NOT allow you to drown in the junk.

A time for you to smile & know that you can tackle anything that comes your way.

ANd you don't have to do it all by yourself.

"Why are you doing this?"

I have an incredibly low tolerance to overwhelm. I'm not immune to it and I loathe the feeling with the strength of 1,000 suns.

I know that it's just one state of life that can be overcome with a few systems. I know this because it's what I've practiced and what I teach. 

Because of my hatred for stress, I've realized my ability to create systems that work for unique situations, bringing overwhelm to its knees... cowering to the awesomeness of productivity and ease.

I can see the whole picture. When I see women succumbing to the stresses of life, I also see how the world is suffering as they struggle against the busy-ness. As I see these same women emerge within the power they bring, I view the world becoming stronger, healthier.

As you grow into a life worthy of you, 
you bring everyone up with you and it is magnificent. 


I see it, so clearly. allow me to show you.

Are you ready to recognize the life ahead?  

You'll know it's yours because You've
dreamed of something a lot like it.

30 Days to Streamline
from 555.00
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*In person in Dallas, TX comes with the additional feature of being in person, in a quiet organized environment.

You're spinning and it needs to stop. 

You've been doing this alone & it's not working anymore (if it ever did.)

You're wasting time & energy, resources that are valued and coveted.

Allow me to help you because the world needs you in all of your glory...
not a frazzled mess of chores and errands. 

I'm only accepting a total of 7 people for this introductory price. The price will (at least) double after that.

I'm truly ALL IN with you, beside you, & holding you up if need be.

Allow me to help you emancipate yourself from the overwhelm.

You being YOU makes the world a better place!


It all  boils down to me being selfish...
I want the world to be the best possible place for myself and my family... and I can see such clear ways to make that happen.

30 Days to Streamline
from 555.00
Choose Online or In person:
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