That's why you are here.

You’re a hard-working woman and yet, defying all logic, you are standing in nearly the same place that you started.

And you desperately want a nap.

You’re ambitious and ideas flow out of your mind in rapid fire. But what to do next? Prioritizing? Staying on task? Remaining productive? Following through to results? These are not your forte.

But, oh how you crave to complete your project. To reach your goal. To feel sane again (or maybe for the 1st time.)

To behold your ideaL LIFE from
FICTIOn to formation to fruition.

You can accomplish your intentions. Your aspirations are a reality. You can have real results and clarity with support that is completely customized to you.

You are NOT in this thing alone.

I AM Jaime. 
master of ease.

Your source for focus & follow through. 

Nothing makes me happy like giving overwhelm a good swift kick to the junk.

Bring it to its knees.

Because it's not serving you any longer!

I believe that you deserve to live YOUR ideal life based on YOUR values.

I believe that you are powerful in a way that is unique to you.

I believe that you are meant to feel freedom, peace, abundance, & above all unconditional love.

Women living their personal genuine life… fills me with joy & love. Smiling in pure happiness.

Women feeling trapped, at a stand-still, wheels spinning, hamster on a wheel in their life… doesn't fill me at all. Leaving me empty & concerned. Brow furrowed, frowning in sadness.

I love solving problems & making things happen (& I hate frowning).  I've traded the sad face for a glad heart and taking action towards solution.

I’ll do all I that can in my mission to elevate YOU to YOUR optimal outcomes.

There’s no template for this.

Everyone is different and has customized needs/wants/questions/journeys.

I desire to guide you all the way through to making it happen!


I invite you to take a step in the direction of certain triumph.

Complete the 10 question survey & I’ll create your customized package.
(No obligation. No pressure. No overwhelm.)


Once upon a time…

There was a really small box that someone made. It was in the name of love that I was gently placed into the container upon my birth. As I grew up surrounded by the walls, it became clear to me that I was not made to be confined in such a way.

I could have left at any time, but I was advised not to by everyone who “had my best interest” in mind. I believed them because they must know better than I do.

The box was all that I knew and therefore it did not feel safe to leave. I decorated the vessel giving it my personal touches. I attempted to express myself in different ways while restricting myself to the limits.

Much of my behavior was not against the rules of the box, but there were unwritten laws I was still discovering. I was shown that my choices, while technically within my area, were still disappointing to the makers of the box.

To survive I needed to shut my mouth, blend in, stay put, and fit the mold.


I struggled & strived to learn the culture. I maintained my fear of venturing outside. Thoughts of leaving were immediately dismissed.

There were WAY too many questions that would arise if I left the box. But in the box… oh in the omnipotent box I had certainty. I “knew” things. I “knew” that if I did A and B… I would get C. I “knew” that because the box builders told me so. They had proved it to me in ways that meant something to them.

It became too difficult to comply with the societal norms of upholding the life I was supposed to want. I continued to obey the enforced laws of my cell but I had to engage in SOME behavior that felt genuine to ME.


Peeking my head out of that box… just a little… putting a finger out to test the waters and see what happens.

The vulnerability was scary. Although I had no idea that I feared anything at all.

I kept living in that box for YEARS. I would pop my head out here and there and look around. But I always retreated back to the safety and “knowledge” of the box… where life was predictable and I had control. (It is hilarious to me now that I thought I had control.)

One day I was feeling courageous. I placed my arm out of the box and just left it there. (REBEL!)

Oh my goodness!

So much more comfortable!  

I could stretch out a little and it felt amazing. I was being judged by some, but sweet home Alabama the stretching out was AMAZING! I should have done this years ago! Kinks leaving my body. I felt more at ease. So then I stuck a leg out… just to see how it would feel.

Holy sh**! The air is so much more crisp and lovely… stretching it out like Caramello!

The makers labeled the stretching out as my downfall. I exclaim it to have been my rise to true living!


It did not take long before I burst out of the box. I was not asking for input, I was not requesting permission.

I was listening to my intuition. I was having my OWN best interest in mind!

I had outgrown the box a looooong time ago.

I did A and B for a really long time, and it didn't actually ever lead to C for me. I am certain I was in someone else’s box. Someone who needed a box. And I was finally brave enough to leave it behind.

Despite the suggestions of many, I did not build myself a new container so I could have more room. I declared the Universe my “box”. The infinities are my safe haven. It may be scary, but scary does not mean bad or evil. Scary has led me to incredible experiences, surprising life lessons, and a mind-blowing relationship with the man of my dreams!

I do not belittle myself for living in the box for so long. I congratulate myself for making a decision for me...And then a million more decisions followed. 

Decision Making is LIBERATING! 

And Now...

Today I am fortunate enough to live a life that is customized to me. I am deeply appreciative to the people who have supported me to believe in myself.

I thank those that have been examples of courage, power, vulnerability, and owning personal uniqueness.

My heart fills with joy & my eyes with tears for those that have shown me unconditional love.

I am grateful every single day. 

I am Jaime.
master of ease.


I make it happen for me and I desire to make it happen for you.

I see YOU. Actually you.

That is the woman I want to support. I want to guide you to your personal success in a way that works for you.

Because that is what you deserve.

With me on your team you will achieve your dreams
(and I won’t even make you learn a system… although you may accidentally discover one unique for you.)


Take a step in the direction of personal victory!

Complete the 10 question survey & I’ll create your customized package.
(No obligation. No pressure. No overwhelm.)


I’m excited to watch you step into your power.