Decisions are HARD!

We make thousands of decisions every day from "What should I  eat for breakfast?" to "What route is the best to take to work?"

Sometimes even the seemingly small decisions are difficult.

Where should we go to dinner? What movie should I watch on Netflix? Should I go for a run or go swimming? Which of these glasses looks best on me? 

Then there are EPIC life changing decisions.

What should I be when I grow up? Where should I live? Should I buy a house? Do I want to start my own business? Do I want to stop having my own business? Should I change my diet? What do I need to do to take better care of myself? Divorce? Spiritual Practice? Decisions for children or elderly parents?


It is super overwhelming!

After the initial question is asked, it is followed by a slew of concerns like, "Can I really do that? Is that completely Crazy Town? Will anyone support me? What if? What if? What if? Is that okay??"Maybe you have made a decision… kinda… but it is lacking confidence… not a true commitment.I lead people to make the HARD decisions… I want to extend my services and knowledge to you.  


I make it happen for me
and I will make it happen for you!

In 30 days you will go from a jumble of thoughts to a clear decision.

Confident and committed. 

This is a program that you do as an individual... its just you and me, dear. You will be getting my undivided attention.

All in? I like your style! Lets do this! Valuing at almost $550 sign up now for...

Only $397 


Learn tips, tricks, and lessons that you can use over and over again to FINALLY make those big decisions
that totally freak you out!  


Need more convincing? I respect that.

Here is a superquick outline of the program that we will complete in 5 sessions:


Week 1: Defining and Understanding

Week 2: Options and Elimination

Week 3: "What if? What if? What if?"

Week 4: Declaration and Next Steps


Each week will include the tools, services, and exercises that YOU need.

You will break through blocks.

You will recognize patterns and reoccurring themes.

You will determine if your actions match your values.

You will stop wasting time on cycling thoughts. You will have me on your side. 

This program has a basic outline, yes. But it is tailored to you.

5 sessions where you and I work as a team to make it to the other side of your decision.

(And I wouldn't let you leave without having some next steps to move forward, of course.)


Clear and confident decision making

You will gain knowledge and skills that you can use for the rest of your decision making life! 

And you have my undivided attention.

On board? Sweet!

Let's schedule your individual Decision Making Plan
valued at nearly $550 get it now for...



Still can’t decide? That makes sense.

Decisions are HARD!

Maybe you need this program to decide if you need the program? (haha.)

Maybe you would prefer to complete an online program on your own. You can grab that here.
(And there is an option to upgrade to 4 personal sessions should you need them.)


If you are not ready to commit…  that’s okay. I still like you.

Hit me up when you are ready! I will be here.

Contact me if you have questions or concerns.

If you were referred by someone who knows me, gossip about me and see if you think we would get along.

My feelings are not hurt if this program isn't for you or if we do not seem like a good match.

I genuinely wish you good luck in finding a program or person that you jive with!

Whether you choose to participate with me in this simple & effective program,
or go another route…

for making a decision for YOU!

Goodbye for now!

    You + Me = Team





Still in a hazy state of the unknown?? I got you...


Maybe a 30 day individual sessions isn't doing it for you? Perhaps you prefer to do everything 100% on your time and at your own pace?  It's all good because you can grab the online Becoming a Decision Maker in (less than) 30 days: The Virtual Version. All of the materials are sent to your inbox.

Check this out:


Go ahead and email me so you can move towards your ideal life! 

(Or if you have questions… ask away by emailing me @ )


All fees must be paid before services rendered as stated in Terms and Conditions.