A time container 100% YOU.
No template.
No shoulds. 
No guilt.

Ultimate Freedom... It’s all yours!

Hey POWERFUL woman.

Yeah, I'm talking to you. I see you. I hear you. I got you.

  • Is your schedule kinda a mess? 

  • Does it feel like there's not enough space for ALL THE THINGS?

  • Are you going to bed feeling as if you went EVERYWHERE and NO WHERE at the same time?

  • Are you looking at your life, knowing that you're meant for more... but HOW? WHEN? WHERE?

  • Do you feel like, "if I could just get my mind organized...I'd be unstoppable!"

Holy Shit!
The amount of brain space that would be cleared...
What a relief! A weight off your shoulders!


A client, friend, and woman I admire phoned me one day to tell me "You're the Queen of bringing peace to life and business." And when THIS WOMAN tells me such things, I definitely listen.

Here's the dealio. There's a lot I'm good at, and one such thing I'm super awesome at is unpacking for all those thoughts cycling over and over and OVER again! (and over again AGAIN)

I've narrowed the topic down for this offer...
because boundaries are my friend.

A schedule made for YOU. No templates. No shoulds. ALL YOU. 

What?? Yeah, I can do that.

We assess all that's going on and you’ll put it into a cohesive order that makes sense to you. And works WITH & FOR you.

"What? Is this possible?"

Yep. It totally is

How much is that worth to you? Really. 

To, once and for all, release that nagging idea that there isn't enough time for you. And I desire to create that time container especially for you.

**An empty calendar is debilitating**

**A scattered calendar is crazy making**

In order for you to serve the people in your life (spouse, kids, clients, friends, parents, and most importantly YOU) we need you to feel FREE within your structure.

And I'm offering you this freedom right now. 


I love teaching/guiding/coaching this group because of the old saying

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

group program For $347

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"Why isn’t it just 1 and done?"

*spoiler alert*
your life changes & evolves which means your Freedom Plan will also need to.

Right now you're thinking something like "ALL the THINGS there's no time!" Well, that is exactly why you need to learn this skill. Let me help you turn your intentions into your reality.

(Have I mentioned I'm super good at shifting perceptions with simple wording changes?
I am... like taking people from an overwhelm of a 10 to a 2 with one healing reframe.) 


All that relief & organization & support & healing to you with this simple container.
I want to show you exactly HOW.

I know it sounds too simple, but I've witnessed this thing work magic.

I have made over 50 individual & unique Time Containers
& I’ve taught groups of people how to create their own.

I got you

Once I see payment, I'll send you info to get our party started!!

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WHat this container looks like?


  • Starting July 1st and meeting Mondays (5 weeks of calls w/ replays if needed)

  • Calls will be 60-90 minutes long. I do my best to have everything other than implementation done during the calls (so there is no “extra” time investment needed)

  • Living a daily life that is supporting your intentions and turning them into reality

  • A calendar that makes sense to you (& it doesn’t matter if anyone else “gets it”)

  • More tips and tricks than I can count.

  • Powerful tools that are proven to work and catapult productivity

  • Confronting the resistance, blocks, and beliefs that are limiting you

  • Reframes to support you in living your best life

  • And whatever else I happen to throw in because it feels right

Investing in YOU is investing in
you touch

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Yes you may use PayPal instead. Yes you can request an invoice.
Yes you may buy it as a gift. Yes you can choose when to start. Yes you may email me questions.
Yes you may.