Escape the Avalanche

…COACHING DESIGNED FOR those on a chosen path & have been slapped with overwhelm, REALIZING the ZILLION MORE things/events/choices/options/DECISIONS that await...


This is for you IF...

  • You are overwhelmed by the path you have chosen (or been presented with)

  • All of the new stuff that is coming up overwhelms you, it's too much at once

  • You are worried that saying YES to this option(or others choices) shuts the door to other possible paths

  • Parts of you seem to constantly be at odds and disagreeing about the next step

  • You’d rather set yourself on fire than have to make all of these decisions (even if sometimes you suck it up and do it anyway)

  • You regret making a choice, not because it was "wrong" but because now you have to deal with ALL this new junk


You can expect to accomplish some serious goals
benefiting from my coaching you to your ultimate results. 

Seeing (AKA being overwhelmed by) all that needs to happen before your vision is reality may seem completely impossible, paralyzing, crushing, laughable even... but I'm for realsies.

  • Start something... and FINISH it! (Yeah you!)

  • New boundaries to go along with your new choices

  • Step back from the overwhelm and towards results (with ways to cope when the "too much" hits.) 

  • Personalized strategic plan for dreams coming true

  • Short-term goals accomplished like magic

  • Blocks are removed and no longer buzzing like mosquitos that you are swatting away

  • Living a balanced life with progression towards your ideal life (and knowing what your ideal life is!)

  • Understanding disappointment and post decision making let down

  • Knowledge and skills surrounding making a choice that may (temporarily) close the doors to other versions of life

  • Confident in your final decisions knowing it is propelling you forward

  • Limiting Beliefs changed to the Belief You’re Unlimited

  • Mindset around options and possible disappointment

  • Integrating the different parts of yourself to work together 

  • An understanding of your values and their part in your decision making towards your future

  • Your personal mission statement and life purpose


I am looking to help you make some SERIOUS ACTION JACKSON!

My ultimate goal is for the women of this world to be such masterful decision makers, living a life full of peace and freedom, that I have to build myself an entirely new practice! Yes please!!