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I have no desire to make anything long for the sake of taking up time and seeming like I am giving you more info than I am.



My goal is to take you from
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Some people & sites worth checkin' out! 


Ane Axford (My sister from another Mister helping other Highly Senstive People become strong confident leaders WITH their sensitivity, not despite it.)


Ashlee DePhillippo (My beautiful and talented sister. She is a Photo Strategist and she is amazing. Even if Ashlee wasn't my family, I would covet working with her on having the best pictures a girl could ever ask for! Her site is currently under construction for some big stuff coming your way! Oh and photo credit goes to her for my awesome new pics!)


Denise Duffield-Thomas *(This Lucky Bitch helps women overcome money blocks so they can earn more and add even more fun to their lives.)*


Danielle LaPorte *(SOOO many resources to live a life you truly DESIRE and love each day. Consistently inspirational.)*


Maru Iabichela *(The Queen of Infinte Receiving. My friend, client, colleague, and mentor all wrapped into 1 individual. She's a freakin gpowerhouse rockstar, and I promise you want to know her.)*


Notes from the Universe (I get them in my email every weekday and I love starting my day in such a positive way!)


Kiva (Empowering people around the world with a simple and easy $25 loan... Yep, you help change a life and get paid back with feel goods AND your cash!)



 *Yes I am an affiliate for some of the above mentioned. But I am only an affiliate because I truly recommend and find value in the services that are offered... so hey, I may as well make a little coin off my recommendations, am I right? You get it.