They are just so tiresome.

There are giant life changing decisions to be made in this existence.

Some people must make such decisions more often than others. Some make them more consciously than others. Some go with logic, others with their gut. Some let other people tell them what to do and others don’t illicit input at all. Some are total wildcards and not even they know what route they will choose because it all depends on the decision at hand.

Epic eras in our lives. 

The “life altering nothing is going to be the same ever again” type of decisions… those I can handle.


“I choose _____. Now how am I going to get there? Take steps A, B,C.”

And once I have made that choice I make it happen. And while I can be impatient with myself and want more immediate results, it isn’t the big stuff that really grinds on me.

The mundane everyday decisions drive me nuts.

Small decisions don’t always stress me out, but they can be so tedious.

Deciding what to eat. Several times a day! I hate trying to decide what to have for dinner. That moment has to be the most grating part of my day.

What should I wear today? Who cares what I wear today? I just want to feel comfortable and confident.

It is the trivial stuff that makes me feel like I am wasting my time. So many dull decisions to be made over and over and over again. I am bored just thinking about it.

Remember those epic decisions that are easier for me to make? Well, one of those is my boyfriend whom I will one day marry although I am not allowed to ask questions about the timeline regarding the topic because I am going to, “Ruin the surprise.” 

One of many traits that is magical about my love, who has affectionately become known online as Biscuit*, is that he will make those mundane decisions for me. All I have to do is ask. It is awesome.

He totally picked out my outfit on this day. I did do my own hair though... I know... I am an overachiever.

He totally picked out my outfit on this day. I did do my own hair though... I know... I am an overachiever.

I am not joking. At least once a week I will say to Biscuit, “What should I wear?” And he really picks something out for me. For realsies. He will tell me a general idea of what to wear, “How about jeans with a t shirt and your sandals.” And then give me a specific suggestion, “Like these jeans with this shirt and your black sandals.” Amazing. (This is for real. My friends that have stayed with us can attest that I really am this spoiled.) Let’s be honest, he cares more about what I am wearing than I do, he is the one who has to look at me. So as long as I am also comfortable, I want him to be proud walking around holding my hand.

What a great decision it has been to add this man to my life! He adds so much joy and takes away a bunch of the boring junk. He makes everything easier. I have someone on my team. Do you realize how epically epic this is?  I no longer have to be in it and do it alone. 

And I never have to make an uninteresting decision again if I don’t want to.




*Biscuit became the name I refer to my love as due to the nature of our relationship and keeping unnecessary drama and attention away from us. In other words, we worked together and we didn’t want people all up in our Kool-Aid. 

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