Goodbye 2014! Bring it 2015.

New Year's Eve was always my favorite holiday growing up. When it became a holiday hyped to have good times with friends, expectations of epic adventures... it put too much pressure on the holiday and I was frequently (almost exclusively) disappointed. 

(Let's be honest. Y2K was the biggest let down ever. Nothing happened. NOTHING. So much build up and then... nothin'.)

You know what?

We can have epic adventures any day of the year! 

So I took New Year's Eve back.

I decided to make it about whatever I want to make it about. Each year this decision usually leads me to quiet evenings at home watching movies with those I am closest too.

I love it. 

No pressure. Just a safe, warm, enjoyable evening. Not a care in the world as I count down to midnight. 

Sigh of relief.
A much better way to ring in a new year. 

And while 2015 will start right where 2014 left off... this new year will be grand. I can already envision the changes both personally and professionally.

So many decisions to make...
and plenty of time to do it in. 


Lots of Love and nothing but good luck to you!


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