Not literally of course... but in this version of home, you are totally and completely welcome. I want YOU here. The real you. The genuine, lovable, authentic, vulnerable you. And if you aren't ready to be vulnerable, you are still welcome. If you do not believe you are lovable I call "Bull Shit" and challenge you to overcome that limiting belief. I hope that you are, at least, attempting to move in the direction of being your authentic self... because that's where all the best bits lie! 

And so I say, "Welcome" to my new forum. I started out my public writing on a blog meant to keep up with people about my non-eventful life and adventures on The Scandal Behind My Eyes and found that I love writing... and other people even think I am good at it! Sweet! That was the old... here is the new. 



Buckle up folks. I am excited and I have a charge. I have support like never before. I am makin' it happen and enjoying the ride! 

Gratefully Yours, 

Jaime Boots