I've spent much of my professional life as a “Counselor” or a “Specialist” in one form of another. In such a career path I have given out a whole lot of advice. Some people have taken my advice, others have not. Some actually wanted my instruction. Others were not so welcoming of guidance no matter how much I may have felt they needed it.

As I have become older (and hopefully wiser) I have improved on giving advice more often when it is requested and held my tongue if my suggestions are not desired.

Sometimes advice is fairly general and kind of boring.

“If eating that makes you sick, you could stop eating it.”

“When you throw tantrums, it does not make adults want to take you somewhere fun.”

“If your child does something that you want to discourage, there needs to be a consequence to teach them.”

“You say that you are going to do ______. But that contradicts what you told me in the past of ______.”

Other times I have given advice that I felt was EPIC. Leaving the conversation I have had thoughts pumping myself up, “Nailed it!” I may even share with others the situation followed by my amazeballs suggestions and guidance I bestowed upon them.

...Cue waiting for accolades from my confidant about my awesomeness...

Feeling good about me. Go Jaime Boots!  

Each and every time I have been all sorts of cocky about some great intelligence I had granted another, I would realize that it was advice that I desperately needed to heed in my own life.

Talk about deflation.

And now, since I have walked around pumping myself up, I have to act on my own instruction or thus I am fraudulent. And I ain’t no fraud (never on purpose.)

Also, I ain’t no holler back girl, in case you were wondering.

Is it is the same for other people. Do others often give advice they need to take themselves? Sometimes it is easier to see what others need to do and more difficult to look within. 


(There was that time that I gave really stellar advice to a particular juvenile delinquent. I counseled him, “You should NOT take your pot to school… that just boosts the charges.” That’s good advice that I do not really need to take myself.)




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