I do not get a runner's high. I do not have a surge of endorphin from working out making me feel wonderful. I do not feel better after a workout. I feel tired. I feel sweaty. I feel disgusting. Please stop telling me that I will grow to like exercising. This is not in the stars for me. I just don't like it. My favorite part of any workout routine is the rest days. Telling me that I will love exercising is like telling me that I will one day own a unicorn that poops gold. It would be awesome and amazing and I would love for that to happen. And while anything is possible (I guess) it is not necessarily probable.

Yep, I have equated mythical creatures as a companion to the possibility that I will one day enjoy working out. I have had many bouts of time where I have exercised regularly. There have been spans lasting over a year where I went to the gym and I exercised as I "should" 4-5 times a week. Never did I like it. Never did I think, "Damn, I cannot wait to get off work so that I can go join the hamsters on a wheel at the gym." (Gyms actually kind of creep me out, which is an entirely different topic.)

I have many friends who love to exercise. They revolve their lives around it. Some have based their careers on it! (No thank you.) While they are crazy, they are also amazing and have given me so much free advice I hope they never add up how much I could owe them. Sometimes I think the only thing my friends and I have in common is that we think the same immature stuff is hilarious. (Also, a different topic on its own... and quite possibly a future post...I am chalk full of good ideas! BOOM!)

What I DO enjoy... I DO love to feel healthy. I love to feel strong. I love to try on clothes at a store and have everything fit and look good as I attempt to narrow down my choices. I like that when I reach the top of the stairs I am not out of breath. I like that the boyfriend is proud of me for working hard even when it is not what I really want to be doing. I love that my endurance is higher. I love that if for some reason I randomly have to run a mile... in the rain...in a rain forest in India... to catch a boat tour that I don't really want to go on... wearing slip on Vans... that I can do that jog without the fear that I am going to die of exhaustion afterwards.

So while I do not, and am pessimistic that I ever will, love to exercise, I have come to terms with it. And it is okay. I have weighed the pros and cons and I have decided that regular exercise, even if torturous in the moment, is beneficial to me in the long run for the long term effects. (I think I have been clear that the short term effects are just hatred and nastiness, yes?)

So no more trying to convince me to love working out. I will get my cardio in. I will lift weights. I will hate it in the moment while loving how it effects my LIFE. It is kind of like making my bed in the morning. I just do it even if I am in a hurry and late. I make my bed because I know it makes my life feel more organized and helps me keep everything orderly. I am never going to LOVE making my bed. I am never going to pull those sheets up, place those pillows on the bed, and anticipate my bed making high from rushing endorphin.. no... I am going to make my bed because it is just what I do to avoid a trickle effect of clutter. I will exercise to avoid the trickle effect of physical weakness and morbid obesity.

And that folks... is all I have to say about that...for now.