I am kind of obsessed with lists. And my lists have other lists. I love them. I love how they assist me in my organization. I love that I can write something down and then I don’t have to keep reminding myself to do it… because it is on the list which will remind me later when I can actually take action. My lists serve me. They free my mind to think about other things. (And probably more items to put on my list.)

How I realized I love lists.

I have struggled with insomnia most of my life. As I would lay in bed my thoughts used to cycle cycle cycle. It was seriously annoying. I would sit there and remind myself of the things I needed to do the following day. “I need to call Jenessa. Ok, I also told Maria that I would see her at work. I have that assignment I need to complete. I think my mom needs help cleaning up for people to come. Should I try to get to the gym? I don’t have to go to work until 1, how much can I get done? Oh! Pay my cell phone bill. Don’t forget the bill. And call Jenessa. And go see Maria at work, complete that assignment, help my mom clean, gym if there is time, leave for work at 1pm, cell phone bill. Call Jenessa, see Maria, assignment, clean, gym, work, bill.”


So one night I decided to try something different. I put a piece of paper and pen on my nightstand. When I thought of something I needed to remember for the next day, I jotted it down. Hallelujah! When I write it down, I stop thinking about it because I won’t forget…it’s written right there.

And thus my beautiful relationship with lists began.  

Before discovering this about myself I put huge pressures on myself to remember all things at all times for everyone… an impossible task that I could never live up to and would always let myself down with.

Lists… glorious lists… thank you for your service and love.

My relationship with lists has evolved.

At present moment a have a master list. This is the list of items that need to get done in general. They may be short term or long term.

Then I have a daily list. This is where I write the items I need to do daily as well as short term items from the master list, or steps towards the long term items that need to be completed.

                                                                 This is the TO DO list I currently use,                                                                   compliments of my biscuit who knows                                                                   All too well about my love of LISTS!! 

                                                                 This is the TO DO list I currently use, 
                                                                 compliments of my biscuit who knows
                                                                  All too well about my love of LISTS!! 

At times my lists have lists. For example the lists for my blog. I have a list of “Blog Ideas” to refer to when I sit down to complete the daily list task of “Writing/Editing blog posts.” Additionally after the blog post is written/edited/completed, there are the additional listed tasks to add it to the website, create a newsletter, schedule an email, publish the post, and shout it out via social media. So that’s a minimum of 3 lists that get involved whenever I write for this blog. LISTS!!!

Why the lists.

The activity of list making helps me to be organized. It helps my mind be more at ease. It assists my daily life in having a flow. And it ensures that I will get done all that needs to get done.

I am kind of obsessed with taking a bunch of information and organizing. It makes me happy. And LIST MAKING is one tool that I use to help myself do that.

Also Post-its… Post-its are another tool used… sometimes WITH my lists.