I went on a mini get away to Southern Utah. I stayed with some friends while others met me there... a convenient mid-point. We had a great time. We laughed at ridiculous things, we ate tasty food, we went on hikes, conquered a waterfall, made stuff happen, happened to stuff. It was an epic adventure. 

At about 2 o’clock in the morning I suddenly had the realization that I had gone over the minutes on my cell phone plan. I could not stop thinking about how much it was going to cost me. I chastised myself for not thinking ahead. I should have known this would happen. I was berating myself and stressing in my thoughts. Sleep seemed like a task that was too difficult to ask. I could not silence my crazy mind cycling. 

cant sleep.JPG

I took a couple of deep breaths and decided to speak to myself as if I was giving advice to a friend in the exact same situation.

“Jaime, what is in your control right now? That is all you can do. Anything else is pointless and serves nothing and no one.”

“Okay, this is true. I can try and call T-mobile and see if they have customer service agents answering right now. I have heard of times when they worked with people allowing them to buy more minutes for that month.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a plan. Let’s do it.” 

talking to myself.JPG

I called T-mobile. A recording picked up and reported the hours when I could speak with a representative. This will have to wait until morning. And now I know that.

“Remember, you agreed that stressing about this topic right now does not serve you or the situation. Is there anything else that you can do RIGHT NOW to move in the direction of a solution?”

I attempted a few google searches of people having similar situations, and most seemed to land in a positive direction of not having to pay a billion dollars as long as it was before the bill was processed.

“Ok, now breathe and sleep. You can take care of this first thing in the morning.”

And then I slept.

I learned a few things about myself that night.


1. Sometimes I need to speak to myself like I would to a friend, because I would never sit there and chastise a friend rather than be calming, empathetic, and solution focused. In short, I need to be nice to myself. 


2.  I need to focus on what is in my control RIGHT NOW rather than what I could have done differently or what I can/will do but cannot accomplish for another few hours. In short, what action can I take in the present moment? Now do it.

This is my friend Jacob, who is actually quite sweet and only about half as crazy as this makes him seem. 

This is my friend Jacob, who is actually quite sweet and only about half as crazy as this makes him seem. 




3. If people could have listened to my thoughts that night, I may have been labeled and taken to Crazy Town, USA.  







So if you find yourself in a similar situation of having unkind thoughts, or talking to/about yourself poorly… please stop. It is hurting and causing more stress. And it is just not nice! 

Please notice what IS in your control (as well as what IS NOT) and then act accordingly… because that is all you can do… what is here and now…

(And I plan to continue to take my own advice on this one.)       


Woulda Coulda Shoulda.

Skip it.

Whatchadoin' now?  


P.S. The solution to the cell phone minutes: I changed my plan to a plan with unlimited minutes and actually SAVED money that month. My bill was $15 cheaper each month. I am so glad I “went over” on my minutes!