In attempting to build my brand and tighten up on my niche I am following some steps provided by a successful veteran. One of these steps was to email at least 25 people that I know and ask them what they feel are my 3 best qualities.

Want to feel super loved, relevant, important, and grateful?

Do this simple exercise.

As I read the responses I was overwhelmed by the qualities that people associated with me. Some, like my mom or best friend, were helpful and wonderful and I appreciate greatly. Others, from people that I do not know quite as well, had me feeling humbled by the kind words that were given as their response.

I understand that I totally fished for these compliments. But people don’t necessarily just walk up to me and say, “Hey Jaime! Here are 3 aspects about you that I think make up your essence.” (Accept my lover pants… he does stuff like that all the time. He’s amazing and great and I don’t care if my bragging about him makes you wanna throw up.)

Many of my responses came in paragraph form rather than just naming 3 adjectives. (I was touched by the time, thought, and effort put forth.) I picked out the traits mentioned as I interpreted them. Many were synonyms and I therefore combined them under one characteristic label.

Here they are listed in order of the feature attributed the most to the least:

Sense of Humor

Unconditionally Caring and/or Compassionate

Make people feel happy


Self-Aware and Genuine




Happy and Positive

Easy to be with

Accepting/Curious without judgment










I actually expected way more joke answers than real ones, but my crazy loved ones and associates actually took the request seriously and I thank them for that. (Unless, of course, they were all being sarcastic… Then don’t I feel silly?)


And the consensus on my Question #2, “Do you think I am fly?” 

It was unanimous… 

I am.

 Nailed it.