It is that time of year. The time after I have binged on delicious foods, sugar, and the Caramel Apple Spice heaven from Starbucks. After I have given and gotten more than others may see in a lifetime.

We come to this place.

Hi! Here I am. Chillin’ in post gluttony where I vow to become a better person…  déjà vu. It's like I have been here before…

A certain number of years ago as a woman in her mid-20’s, I made the decision to buy a house for myself. I was such an adult. I had my own space, my own furniture, and my very own mortgage. I learned many lessons as a homeowner (and now continue to learn as a landlord.)

I have always found many household tasks boring and at times overwhelming. One day I sought a solution to one such problem.

My room always became a mess somehow. It seemed to happen so quickly. And I am NOT going to lie to you. I just don’t like putting my clothes away. There’s something about it that is so boring and mundane that it feels taxing.

It is as if the chore is stealing a portion of my soul.

But I was now a real life grownup and it seemed asinine to have the messy bedroom teeming with teenage angst. My solution, that I continue to use to this day, was simple. I make my bed every morning and I do laundry in small loads therefore reducing the time I spend putting those clothes away.

It may seem unsophisticated, but finding this solution made keeping my household clean, organized, and orderly like a magic pill. Overnight I had Martha Stewart mad skills. And I would definitely agree, “NO WIRE HANGERS!”

In my training as a Life Coach I came across an exercise that has become my favorite.  In short, the exercise has the person take a time they were successful in the past and apply the skill to a current situation.

Back to the present day in this new year.

In years past I have made resolutions, yes. They are usually pretty hefty. The goals tend to be fairly vague and with no timeline other than DURING THE YEAR.

I have completed my favorite exercise and come to a conclusion. I will use the skill that helped make me successful before. I will break it down into small bite sized chunks that are much more doable. Therefore I will actually keep the momentum going towards the end result.

Thanks to the love of my life, who found some worksheets that he and I are both using, this 2015 will be the best year ever.

Get yours here…

8 FREE Goal Setting Worksheets Forms and Templates

I am finding that a goal for the year is good, great, & grand. But the tool that is going to have me being one of the few to actually follow through and achieve such resolutions is that of breaking down each goal into smaller pieces. It is way easier for me to focus on ‘this month’ rather than the next 12 all at once.

Yes! It already feels so much better. I feel my soul finding any bits that have been extracted and mending itself to the bright spot that keeps me going.

Now let's get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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What are your plans to make sure that THIS year you follow through with your resolutions?