You are not alone. 

So many people struggle with knowing how to effectively make decisions. 

1. Disorganized to the max!

Thoughts and ideas cycle with no real organization. Each new thought pulls you into a different direction. It drains your energy.

It makes you feel like you are taking crazy pills! 

I feel you. I have been there.

2. Things happen to you.

You have been allowing life to just happen to you.  You are going with the flow in a bad way. The way where you rarely give input. 

Maybe you have resolved to consciously make decisions for your ideal life as defined by YOU. But there is no clue as to what your "Ideal Life" even looks like.

Breaking this habit seems bigger than you have time or energy for.

Yep. I have been there too.  

3. It begets more.

You have completely blocked yourself from making a decision (or acknowledging there is even a choice) because there are too many other decisions you will have to make after the initial process. 

And that is terrifying.

Uh huh, totally me at one point.

4. Good intentions.

It is common for our minds to be clouded with the input, advice, and emotions of people we love. And now there is this crazy point of no longer being able to decipher the "me" from the "them". 

The worst part about this one is that even when people love us, they give suggestions that are actually good for them. The bias cannot be ignored. 

The road to 'you know where' is paved with good intentions. (It's HELL, just in case you didn't know... the road to hell.)

Mmmhmm. I have been in this haze and still suffer some consequences of taking well-meant pushes towards a specific option.

5. Yer Skerred.

Let’s be honest. Fear keeps people average. Fear stops people from being true to themselves. Fear stops people from being as powerful as they are intended to be.

Fear is real. You have it. Is this one emotion running your entire life? Has it become grandiose into mass amounts of justifications to remain the same?

 Aaaaand I’m 5 for 5.

I have been stunted by every single one of these blocks,
and sometimes all 5 at once. 


Why does it have to be so damn difficult?

...In attempting to make this decision there is…

lack of clarity.

lack of momentum.  


the truth that decisions do affect others.

the drama of other people's reaction/response. 

the danger of being "wrong."

the unknown. 

It doesn't have to be so grueling. Really.

...I desire for you to join me on the other side of decisions where there is...






weight lifted off your shoulders. 


You are closer than you think.
I know you can feel it too. 

For me it feels like excitement mixed with some fear. Fear that will turn to excitement and boil over until I cannot deny myself what I truly need. 

I cry happy tears at the opportunity to share what I have learned so that everyone can become a Decision Maker without making the same mistakes I made.

I aspire to save you time, energy, and drama.


Save the drama fo yo mama!


Can I get an Amen?