Top 3 decision making mistakes you NEED to stop.


Are you making the same mistakes over and over again?

Maybe you don’t even realize that you are stuck in a cycle.

There is a good chance that you feel like a hamster on a wheel.


You are putting in massive amounts of time. 

Exhausting your energy.

Enormous effort.


And yet somehow you are still in the same place.


What the hell is going on?


Check this out to decipher if you are making any of the TOP 3 decision making mistakes:

Mistake #1.
You think you don’t have a choice.

A mistake that I see again and again is the unfortunate habit for one to overlook that everything is a choice. ALL OF IT. I am being serious. All of it.

“But Jaime, I HAVE to pay my bills.”

You choose to pay your bills so that you can continue to have water, power, cable, internet, cell phone, etc.

Boom. Choice.

“But Jaime, I HAVE to clean my house.”

You choose to clean your house so that you don’t live in a pigsty. And further, you choose to clean your own house rather than hire someone for another reason all together. (Save money, you like the control, don’t want a stranger in your home.)

Boom. Choice.

I could do this all day long.

It isn’t that you HAVE to do it.

It is that the alternative is so obviously something that you abhor that you now believe you are stuck.


Acknowledge tasks as options and conscious choices.
It will make you feel better. (And grateful for all that you have!)


Mistake #2.
You care what other people think.

Ahhh Sheeeeeet… 
Don’t get me started on caring what other people think.

I mean, I am all for being respectful and not infringing on the space and rights of others, but caring what you think about my choices… that’s a waste of life if you ask me.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” was a phrase that really confused me when I was younger. One reason was because we had two close family friends by the last name “Jones” and the other because I couldn’t understand why we would want to “keep up” with them.

Why wouldn’t we want to just be our family the way our family could be best?

Can you and I make a deal right now?

Can we make a pact that we won’t make decisions based on what other people have?

Can we agree to make decisions on our own personal value system?


Comparing ourselves to others is a blooper if I’ve ever seen one.

I will not lie to you and say that this does not sneak up on me every once in a while. But I will also tell you that sometimes I realize that I don’t even want what “they” have.  I want MY version, and so now there is no comparison.

Jealousy creepin’ in?

Don’t just start making decisions based on what your neighbor has done or thinks is correct.


First think,
“Is this something I truly want for me?”

If they answer is "yes"
then start brainstorming ways to make it happen.

Less wasting life of pointlessness. Please.


Mistake #3.
You dabble and delay.

While an employed college student taking 23 credits, my mom gave me an amazing excuse to get behind on things and then have to rush to finish by a deadline.

Thank you marmy for your well-meant encouragement and support.

“You don’t procrastinate,” she told me, “you are busy.”

I remember expressing gratitude to her for the justification to continue to delay the inevitable.

While I WAS in fact busy I was ALSO procrastinating.

I can blame youth, immaturity, and naivety for the time and energy I wasted during so many young adult years. Resources I will never get back.

But I have learned from my mistakes and it is your turn.

Halt those dabble and delay tactics now.

Stop hiding yourself under the "Busy Umbrella".


Call it what it is.
An Excuse to delay making real decisions.

A whole new world will open up to you once you
drop your Defense on behalf of your procrastination.

Get out here and join me in the world of decision making, problem solving, and making things happen!

It’s fun.

You comin’?