My boyfriend watches what I will refer to as "a great deal of basketball." I know that the love for sports can go over into obsession. Or just as bad he could have no interests in anything at all.

Because of this I am happy to be hanging out here in "a great deal." 

Since I do not really care about basketball (although I have grown in my affections towards Tim Duncan, Swaggy P, and Golden State) my favorite part of watching the game, is watching the people on the sidelines. Fans make awesome faces and do some goofy stuff unaware that they are being filmed. Amazing.

One aspect of the sport that I find amusing is how much players will celebrate after they make a play that they have deemed EPIC. The highlight worthy plays. Dunking over a rival player. (Dude... you are literally 7 feet tall... be 5'5" and I will celebrate along with you.)  It is even better when the players on the sidelines join in the oohing and ahhing over someone making some amazing play (that is still only worth 2 points. There aren't style points y'all.) 

I have decided that if these basketball players can celebrate in such a manner for doing their job, we should all have victory dances, jigs, and routines for our highlight reel plays. 

Imagine it... 

A doctor runs a blood test and tells you they have discovered you are low in Vitamin D. She stands up, throws her Rx pad to the ground, and does the dougie. Her assistants in the background, jaws dropped, mouths covered, one is even squatting down over in the corner shaking her head in amazement. 

As a counselor for youth in a constant attempt to lead kids to discoveries that will help them grow to be functional adults. A teen gets to that place during a conversation and something clicks for them and finally makes sense. And then the counselor erupts in a victory dance. Stanky leg celebration! Co-workers join in, "Oooooooh! Daaaaaaaang!" as they pace back and forth because the glory of the conversation was so epic they cannot stand still any longer.  

Your server at a restaurant takes your order. When he brings out your food, your entire order is correct and it is delicious... "WOO! Nailed it!" He cheers so hard the veins pop out in his neck. And he starts to walk quickly in a circle. You have to stand and join in the celebration because that server just did his job and he did it so good. WOO! 

At first I thought that the athletes maybe needed to come down a notch rather than being so psyched to do the exact thing they are paid (millions of dollars) to do.

But I have changed my mind.

I think we ALL need to ramp it up! Next time you do your job and you do it well, I want a victory dance. I want cheers. I want intense excitement that is so extreme others are worried you will injure yourself in the celebrating process. I bet it will make mundane tasks way more fun. 


We are all KILLING it in different areas of our lives. So get the applause app ready (I don't have one, but I bet it exists.) Get your dance moves figured out. Maybe you prefer to just hold a pose while you radiate the glory that is you. However your celebration looks for your "slam dunks" get it ready... 'cause you're gonna need it. 

Blog post written! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!! Bam! Nailed it! Jump high five. Twerk twerk twerk. Running Man. Roger Rabbit. Body Roll. Hold pose. 



WHAT will your victory dance look like?

What types of acts will you be celebrating?