I absolutely adore my clients.

I love to spend time speaking with them. I am always excited to witness the progression to clarity.

I find them absolutely amazing. 

My favorite part of my chosen is career is the relationships I am able to develop with people from all over the world.

It blows my mind!

One such lovely client directed me to the youtube channel of JP Sears. Oh my goodness.

not sad.

The original recommendation of How to be ULTRA spiritual did not disappoint.

So naturally I spent mass amounts of time clicking from video to video. 

I felt it imperative to share with you the video below. Now you too can ruin your life in just 10 simple steps.

(Or of course, you can do the opposite, to create an authentic and genuine life made just for you by you.)

Whatever makes you happy... 


And without further adieu, here are 10 tips to ruin your life with JP Sears:

1. Never take risks because you might fail

2. Seek the approval of others

3. Talk about things but take NO action

4. Value things and use people

5. Conceal your emotions

6. Be normal

7. Always hide everything about you from others

8. Never work hard

9. Ignore your intuition

10. Avoid personal responsibility 





What tips do you have to ruin your life?