Last week, as I do most weeks, I planned my days out based on my quarterly goals.

(Which were made based on my yearly goals.)

I have found this to be an extremely effective way for me to make progress towards and ultimately actually accomplish my goals.   

Day at a glance

Day at a glance


(I have to plan it all out otherwise it just turns into doing “stuff” and at the end of the day I am like, “What the hell did I do today?” And often times I think the answer is, “Daydream.”)

Week at a glance

Week at a glance

And then came Wednesday last week. Big plans of following up with people, composing a sales page for a new service, editing and emailing a blog post, some social media tweaking & updating.

I came home from the good 'ol YMCA after a tough workout. Like, "I almost died", tough workout. Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program is both my blessing and curse… but my workout is not the topic at hand today. After I worked on my fitness I ate delicious pumpkin protein pancakes. I then sat outside as I composed my daily personal writing.

Writing from my heart and all that it wanted to say was, “Take a nap.” My brain quickly dismissed the idea because “look at all that I need to accomplish… and I have a google hangout planned with a business friend tomorrow. I have to be able to tell her that my sales page is complete.” I continued to write attempting to change the subject.


My heart made a plea for my body & mind to rest but not just rest… sleep.

I began to entertain the idea of taking a nap. My heart, body, and mind all felt a sense of relief at the very THOUGHT of lying down in my comfortable bed and falling asleep.

And there we have it.

A clear message to myself from myself.

My nap was amazing. I slept hard for about an hour. Then I woke up and continued to follow these messages from myself.

I took a hot Epsom salt bath. (The scorching kind where the water burns your skin in the best magical way.)

It was a miracle.

I continued to take my day slow and easy… and suddenly I reminded myself of this scene in Best in Show and I couldn't stop laughing.


After lol-ing in my home alone, my friends and I held our first Virtual Dance Party (more on that brilliance later.)

The rest of my day was filled with energy and clarity.

Go me for taking my own advice and taking care of myself! 





WHAT KINDS OF tasks do you ENGAGE in (or refrain from) in the name of Self-Care?