It had been almost an entire week and my life's adventures consisted of my morning workouts at the YMCA (with Club AARP, as my biscuit calls it), daily trips to check the mail, and when I was feeling super bold I made the occasional jaunt to 7-11 a block away. 

Epic life, right?

Such is my life when I am in "Get Sh** Done" mode.

Luckily for my man, I do take showers most every day and I even usually wear real life regular clothes.

But on that day at that time,
I realized my "Epic Life" wasn't actually feeling Epic.

(even though my life is ridiculously amazing... getting stuck in a routine is boring and mundane even if the routine is governed by me.)

It was in this glimpse that my mid day dance parties with myself began.

I needed a reminder that there was more to me than looking at a screen. That I am fun and I have energy. 

And I like to boogie!


It was during my second dance party all by my lonesome that I thought, "This would be cooler if I had friends rocking out to this song with me."

You know, because friends are good, and awesome, and amazing.

Lucky for me, I have friends that have inspired my hashtag of #SomeFriendsAreFamily .

And better yet I have a few that have followed their path to be on this journey that is entrepreneurship.

(They are amazing examples to me every single day.) 

So you're saying there's a chance... They may also need a mid-week/mid-day adventure in the comfort of their home office.

I posted on a friends Facebook page.


I chose the FB forum rather than personal communication in the case that there was another with such a desire that could & would join in our party. And one such lovely did inquire to be involved,

This made me even happier!!

And thus the Hump Day
Digital Dance Party was born.


Together with 2 dear friends.

One I met at 13 years old ( Ane ) and the other I met when 17 ( Anna ). 

We have a standing appointment with one another that takes top priority.

We engage in a brief "hello, how are you?"

But our purpose is clear.

Dance it out.

We each bring a song. We share our powerful energy& love with one another.

We support each other as humans, women, entrepreneurs, and (at the core) genuine friends. 

I have been so fully and gratefully blessed with magical friendships.

(Yeah, I may have teared up a little when I wrote that last part. I cry when I am happy. Deal with it.)

From different parts of the continent we come together in movement.

After our dance parties, miracles happen.

I have so much energy.
I am fueled.
I am newly excited about projects.
I have joy and drive.
I am clear.
I am confident.

So much can come from a little love and some nice moves.




What small thing can you add to your life to make it feel more epic?