I want to make my stance on this term “trying” clearly and firmly.

I abhor the overuse of the word “try”.

Telling me you will “try to make it” to a gathering is the same as telling me, “When the time comes I will decide if something better has come along. And something better might mean sitting at home alone.”

I would much rather the response, “I am not sure what my week is going to be like. I don’t know if I will have the energy to be good company. Can I let you know the day of, or do you need an answer now?” And if I need an answer now, that answer can and could/should be “No” rather than a vague attempt at possibly maybe committing that you might show up. A “No” is also superior to a “yes” that turns into a sellout.

Be honest. “I will try” does not feel completely honest to me.

A promise of “trying” leaves room for so many excuses it makes me want to scream.

A promise of “I’ll try my best” is completely worthless to me.

A statement of “I WILL DO MY BEST” however… this means something. This has real value. This statement (coming out of the mouth of most people) actually means that they will do their best to make the doing happen.

I do not try. I do.

I did not try to go to the gym this morning. I went to the gym.

(I tried to get up at 6:00am. I actually got up at 7:00am because I didn’t actually feel dedicated to the wake up time it was more of an “I’ll see how I feel” type of scenario.)

I did not try to leave my job and build my own business. I left my job and do my best every single day to build a business that I love that fits into a life that I create.

(I tried to stick it out at the old place for as long as I could. I was not dedicated to do my best. I was simply trying.)

I do not try to help clients. I love, help, support, and guide each individual who trusts me in such a way. I do what I can to help her move towards the best version of life based on her own personal values. I don’t try my best for her to get results. She gets results or she gets her money back.

(I tried to get involved in a MLM product. I like the product. I use the product. But I don't have a passion for sharing it. But I tried.)

I don't try at life. I do my best at life.

So I guess some little dude named Yoda had the same idea.

I have never seen Star Wars…
I know… gasp… freak out… how is that possible… blah blah blah.
It just never interested me and at some point it became a dare NOT to watch it from all the freaking out over it. 

But I do like what he has to say here.

"Do or do not. There is no try.”


For 3 months I have been trying to lose some poundage. 
But I just bet $500 on myself that I will lose 20 lbs by mid July. 

I was trying... and I now I am doing.



What is it that you are simply trying that needs to be 
bumped up a level to actual doing