If I learn you learn. 

You're welcome.

In all honesty, sometimes we need some help getting out of our own way. And I have discovered another trick that may be helpful in moving passed a block that is commonly seen in the form of excuse making. 

Where in your life are you making excuses? 

(No shame in my game. I do it too... there's a reason I identify these exercises. It is because I need them.)   

Think of "The Thing" that you want to be, do, or have.

Something that you say you want, but you have surrounded yourself with a bunch of "reasons" that it isn't going to work out. 

Possible Ideas:
Perhaps you want to quit your job and start your own business.
Maybe you want to go on an epic vacation.
Possibly you are looking to get into better shape.
Or try living somewhere different. 
Develop a hobby.
Buy a new car.

Whatever comes up for you.


So often you tell yourself you don't have the time, money, energy, support, and/or resources to make "The Thing" a reality. 

SCREEEEEEEEEEECH the excuses to a halt... NOW!

I am punching this pattern in the face
so that we can all create lives worthy of us! 


Do the following instead:

Change your default from cop-out to question Asking. 


"What are the reasons I want this?" 

Just asking "Why?" may give you the extra motivation to stop talking about why you can't and shift you to problem solving mode. 

Asking "Why? What are my reasons for wanting this?" sheds light on what it is that you are actually seeking. Usually it isn't about "The Thing" it is about how "The Thing" will impact your life.


Examples may include: 
What reasons do I want to quit and start my own business? I want to spend more time with my children, I want to be in charge of my schedule.  

*This becomes the focus not the excuses.

What reasons do I want to go on an epic vacation? I want to have a break from regular life, experience different cultures, & I want to learn a new language.

*This becomes the focus not the excuses. 

What reasons do I have to get into better shape? I want to live a healthy life, play with my kids, be confident in front of people, feel strong.

*This becomes the focus not the excuses.


Referencing your list of reasons why "The Thing" will bring you what you desire, ask 

Does this support the bigger picture that is the mission of my life

(click for some helpful tools to start writing your mission statement.)

If the reasons why are compelling enough and match your personal mission... it will make it much easier to stop complaining and start moving on your strategic plan. 


Next question: 

What needs to happen so that I can have "The Thing"?

With a strong & striking "WHY" you will be creative with your solutions.

Realize there are more ways to accomplish "The Thing".

More resources than what is in the checking account.

More support than just what you can carry on your own shoulders. 


MORE can come with a shift in focus. 

Yes sometimes excuses feel legit. And since you are the master creator of your life, you can decide if that legit excuse is going to stop you... or cause you to find a different way. Because there is more than one path to "The Thing". There are infinite roads that can lead you to victory.

And isn't it wonderful that you get to choose what is best for YOU? 




What are the reasons you want it?
Does this support the mission for your life? 
And what needs to happen so you can/will have it?