I was driving home from my new HIIT workout program. There was a bit of traffic (that happens sometimes in Los Angeles.) I had my window down because the weather was perfection. I looked to my left and realized I was at a standstill overlooking a beautiful view. I soaked it all in.

I felt a jolt of joy. 

Total satisfaction in my life. 

Completely complete.


A true realization that my entire life is brand new. 

An acknowledgement of how amazing & abundant my world is. 

A surrendering that events are lining up as needed.

An understanding that the world is as I view it.

And it's magic. 

As if the traffic jam only existed for me to have these feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the cars cleared away quickly. I drove onward in smooth conditions without a single need to slow down for the rest of the commute home. I even found an alternate surface street route that enabled me to avoid roadwork drama.

I'm grateful for realizations & reminders of what life is & is capable of being.  

We all have this decision to make...

Choice 1: We can allow ourselves to feel & see the progress, the beauty, the wonders.

Choice 2: We can stop ourselves from witnessing the happiness. 

We also get to choose how we will allow either path to take us along as we continue to live.

Day to day. Moment to moment. 

What this DOESN'T mean:

I have a perfect life.

I have no problems.

I never stress out.

I never have negative thoughts.

I don't have days where I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

I don't have moments where I conclude I am not worthy.


What this DOES mean:

I am capable of living a life I love & continuing to progress as that idea evolves.

I have problems & I can use them as opportunities for growth.

I have stress & I can manage it if I choose to.

I have negative thoughts, but I have more positive ones.

I will sometimes feel like I am crazy, but I know that it is a blip that will pass.

I may feel that I am not worthy, & choose to see all the evidence that says I am.

We are enough. 

As we are NOW. 

And that makes me happy. 




What helps you to remember that you are enough as you are?