In the past I have been the type of person who had spectacular ideas…

for OTHER people.

I am not kidding, I can brainstorm regarding just about any venture and come up with unique services and surprising features that could be created & offered.

All day. 

And the better I know a person, the more epic my notes become.


But I struggle, labor, toil, and fight to have ideas for ME... just to come up empty handed. (Sad Face...)

BLOCKING myself from progression and success.

And then... suddenly... out of know where...I had one minuscule idea while on a flight to Dallas.

And I ran with it.

Fast Forward to the present...

And now I am totally freaking out. 

Over the last couple of weeks, ideas have been coming to me in pieces.

A portion here.
Another bit over there. 
Oooo! Another fragment just over there!

And I was completely pumped about this... but struggling a bit to find momentum.

And then it hit me like a runaway freight train of


(I kinda want to slow it down but I am terrified of stopping it on its tracks!)

Writing frantically.
Planning like a boss.
Dreams about to come true.

Have you ever felt like there's a massive influx of rewards about to come crashing through your door and you are so excited you want to dance, and scream, and throw up all at the same time? Me either.

Until Now!

That’s how I feel.


I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

These new concepts & programs are going to make it possible for me to help in a more complete way.

Beginning, Middle, & End

with the “END” being the beginning to an authentic life you are creating for yourself!


Isn't that beautiful?


I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.


[Sneak Peak into one program/package in progress]

“The Undeciders”

… A program designed for those who feel they cannot make decisions...

This is for you IF...

  • You constantly ask others what you should do or what they would do if in your place

  • Options overwhelm you (many times because they ALL seem so good)

  • Parts of you seem to constantly be at odds and disagreeing

  • You’d rather set yourself on fire than have to make decisions (even if sometimes you suck it up and do it anyway.)

  • You have used one of these words/phrases to describe yourself in regards to making choices: insecure, perfectionist, overwhelmed, I don’t want to let anyone down, I can’t do it.

Now let's talk about RESULTS, baby! 

“The Undeciders” can expect to accomplish some serious goals
benefiting from my new package [currently under construction]

*WARNING: As an Undecider, many of the points below will sound like farce, completely impossible, laughable even... but I'm for realsies.

  • Making decisions for YOU (and totally on your own)

  • Confident in your final decisions

  • Limiting Beliefs changed to the Belief You’re Unlimited

  • Increased balance as life moves forward

  • Skills to cope with overwhelm

  • Integrating the different parts of yourself

  • An understanding of your values and their part in decision making

  • Your personal mission statement

  • Certified Decision Maker Level 1


Holy sh** this summer's about to BLOW UP with some serious action Jackson!

My ultimate goal is for the women of this world to be such masterful decision makers that I have to build myself an entirely new practice! Yes please!!

Let’s do this thing!




What are you super excited about right now? 
(Or even Mildly excited...)