Sometimes you have a friend that is amazing, talented, and every positive adjective that can be thought of. Sometimes that friend comes and visits you on a vacation. Sometimes your friend uses her time to sit at a café with you and talk through a bunch of important junk that's blocking your progress. Sometimes she has profound ideas that she creates from the random story you just told her. And sometimes she says ridiculous things so you remember that you are you and she is her. And sometimes you wonder if the 2 of you will ever run out of things to say to one another. 

Sometimes you love her so much you want to punch her in the face to balance out your emotions. 

And all the times she just gets you.

And all the times you are grateful for her. 

And all the times you miss her when she's not near. 

And then you remember that she doesn't have to be near to be near.

And then you continue to be happy.