I was doing my (almost) daily personal writing when I had a flood of memories about decisions expressed that in turn made my life easier.

Epic & life changing? Not really... definitely easier though.  

Perhaps those seemingly "small" decisions make room for the life shakers. Spending less energy on the more trivial choices at hand cannot be a bad thing.

One such memory: 

My cousin and I used to hang out quite a bit. For some reason we have lost that lately which is stupid because we both reside to Southern California and live about the same distance away from one another as when we were in Utah. We have recently verbally reprimanded ourselves (and for some reason it was deemed more my fault than his... but this is beside the point.) 

My cousinfriend (that's totally a thing) would visit the town in Utah that I lived in once upon a time. During each visit we would drive around attempting to decide on a lunch location asking, "Where should we eat?" And he nearly always refused to name a location which is totally irritating.

Then one day during the usual routine he suggested Del Taco.  

"There is no Del Taco here and you know that."

"Well that was my suggestion. Your turn." 

Yep. He's totally an ass like that. 

One day as we ate at a local restaurant, we concluded that we could make our lives waaaaay easier. 

"From now on whenever we go out to eat we will come here unless one of us suggests a specific alternate." 


Now we could actually get to the meat of our conversation without spending 30 minutes on, "What do you want to do? I don't know what do you want to do? Now don't start that again." 


Now that we live 800 miles away from that particular establishment, I imagine we may need to make a new choice to help us reserve time, energy, and conversation for our actual relationship. 

Aren't cousinfriends awesome? I am blessed with lots of 'em. 

Moving on from the memories:

I've been applying this same idea to more and more areas of my life as I get older.  

I recently read about people adopting a "uniform" to cut down on the decisions made in a day. Genius. Love it. On board, fo sho! 

Decision: "What am I going to wear today?" 

Answer: a tank top & jeans or a dress that does NOT require a special bra... with sandals.

I no longer have to sift through an entire closet of items.  And one day if I feel like jazzing it up I can always do that. But I spend significantly less time standing in front of my closet full of clothing thinking, "I have nothing to wear."

Awesome times a million. 

Need some facts to convince you?

I have noticed that the more hungry I am, the more tired I get, and/or the later it is in the day the less capable I am of making decisions, even seemingly smaller ones... actually the smaller ones are even worse because I am like, "I don't know and I don't CARE!!! Bartender!" 


One day I ran into a video of someone I once knew. She had a TED Talk. How awesome is that? I remembered her being an amazing teacher and so it was NOT a difficult decision to press play.

In her speech she gave me mass amounts of validation with scientific facts to back that junk up! 


Do you live an energy efficient life?

Jenna tells us why and how.


Each of us is worthy as we are now. 

We are all doing our best with the knowledge we have.

... and after we gain more knowledge (if it feels right for us) there's only one thing left to do.


Because we are worth being the best version of ourselves FOR ourselves. 


Talk to me.

Comment below and let me know...

What are some decisions you can make ahead of time to help yourself be more energy efficient?