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Based on a handful of interactions I have had over the last few weeks I want to remind you (and of course ME) of the dangers of comparing ourselves to others.

When I have it “better” than them.

It's not my cup of tea to
compare my life to those who's appear
to have an existence more difficult than my reality.

I was 7 years old the first time I remember thinking, “Life isn’t fair. Why do I get to have all of this and be born into this situation while those kids were born into that situation?”

Yep. I was 7 years old with abundance guilt.

Fast forward to my adult life where I tended to “feel bad” for not being 100% content with life how it is because while I saw that it could be better, I also knew that it could be a hell of a lot worse.

This comparison and guilt did NOT make me a better person.

It did not inspire me to contribute to the world in new and exciting ways.

It did not make me feel happy and motivated to progress and achieve.

It did not serve me.


Long story short, my boyfriend shared a Ted Talk with me about modern day slavery. In his mind it would make me feel grateful for my abundant life.

< < < sigh > > >

After I sob cried for over an hour with my only words being, “And there’s nothing we can do about it!” It became clear to him that this was a huge mistake. It is not beneficial for me to witness the appalling realities with such bluntness. It did not make me feel better but rather brought guilt, shame, powerlessness, and hopelessness.

(I also learned about myself that IF I am going to engage in such information, I necessitate action steps that people can make to somehow, even in a very small way, move towards solution.)  

About a year ago, I made a conscious decision to move myself out of the shame and into a position of power. I have worked extremely hard at shifting my mindset from my abundance guilt to logically AND emotionally understanding and accepting truth. 

My being born in the


that I was & am, accompanied with continuing to develop as a

person/woman/partner/daughter/sister/friend/business owner/Jaime

(all while also growing my bank account)

is a means in which I CAN make contributions to help individuals and the masses in real ways.

My comparisons have never served
me or society
in a positive way.

Comparing myself to those I perceive as having a less amazing life and then blocking my progression in an attempt to keep the score more even does NOT lift those other people up.

If I repel awesomeness,
it does not follow that the people I wish had all the awesome get it.

If I accept the awesome, 
and gather a bunch of it, then I can hand out awesome to whomever I want to.

And that’s way better than a boring
shame inducing comparison.

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What are your thoughts on comparing yourself
to those you feel are not as well off? 

Does it make you feel better knowing that it could be worse?  

Do you find it helpful or hurtful?