No, I'm not trying to get you naked.

I'm not an internet creeper who has groomed you to be preyed upon.


I am someone who had to learn to disrobe from what was holding me back
and drape myself in beauty, love, and kindness. 


I know it's my purpose to help women do the same.

I used to hide myself from the world (including me.) 

I piled on obligations, responsibilities, duties, labels, tasks, and dysfunctional relationships. 


Story Time:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Jaime.

She didn't know she was beautiful and she had no clue she was a princess. She looked around at the world and saw how gorgeous all of the people were. She could see that THEY ARE ROYAL. 

She didn't believe that she had the same advantages of all of the others. She grabbed onto their beauty and importance with all her might. She did whatever she could do for all of them. She did this whenever she could, even if it took her last piece of time, energy, and/or sanity. THEY were worth it.

She didn't sleep much. She didn't have any personal hobbies, she was rarely alone. She decided that her only need in life was to fill the needs of others. 

One day Jaime ran into someone she once knew. The old friend asked her what she was up to. "How's life?"

Jaime responded happily, "Friend A is doing so good and everything's looking up. Friend B has moved away and started a new job. Parents are.... Siblings are.... Friend D, E, F........."

And it hit her.

She didn't have a damn thing going on in her life.

Not because she was being private or modest but because she didn't have a DAMN thing going on in HER life. She had her hand on a whole bunch of other people's things. But her "life" was purely doing the bidding of others... People who were totally capable and didn't even need all her doing. 

She forced functional relationships to be dysfunctional by enabling...

Because if she wasn't everything to everyone, then who the hell was she?

She's Jaime F-ing Boots!
That's who she is.
And she's a
mermaid, princess, rockstar, unicorn! 


You may be wondering,
"What the hell does this have to do with me taking my hideous dress off?"
I'm getting there... I promise... but first...


A Confession:

The girl in that story.... It's me.

I was a hot mess of powering through life.

I had moments and glimpses of joy, laughter, and love. At my core I was pretty sure that I was "happy" but I needed that core to become my entire being. 

I began peeling off the layers... One by one they were pulled away.

Some were discarded.

Many had systems built around them, systems that were made just for me with no care about the way it "should" be done (unless the "should" is exactly what works for me.)


A Lesson:
(and closer to addressing that disgusting article of clothing.)

Not only am I the gorgeous royalty i used to only see in everyone else,
I am a rockstar at building systems that eradicate the drama/overwhelm/burnout/stresses of life. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and I get that now.

Life does NOT have to be difficult.

Life is NOT meant to be hard.

Shedding these limiting beliefs is liberating!!  


Now I detect the signs of "too much" and quickly create systems, habits, and communication BEFORE being buried by it. 

It feels like a miracle after the drama of my "before" picture of life! 

I will not struggle within it.

I will find a way out of the spiral so I can continue forward in my joyous life.

And boom...

A magical life free of overwhelm.

Just what a mermaid, princess, rockstar, unicorn desires & needs.


If you think that you don't have systems...

I'm going to be super confrontational right now and tell you that you do, in fact, have them.

You may have not labeled it as such in your mind, but you have them. You have systems that serve you and you have the dysfunctional that are often covered up with "shoulds" and "well she does its" and "supposed tos". 

(here it is I'm finally about to talk about that awful outfit!!)


If you feel bombarded with STUFF that you're totally over, chances are your life is riddled with poor systems that are like a floral moo moo dress 3 sizes too big...

Not doing you any favors

(and it's taking over all the goodness under there.)  

Take off the oversized clothing that we are hiding/drowning/suffocating in and put on clothes that fit us.

Clothes that were made for us.

An outfit that was made JUST for you by a skilled seamstress. 

At first it will seem weird and awkward. We may feel naked. Like we're showing too much. People can see us without seeing all the "busy".

But we can kinda remember a time when we didn't wear the moo moo.

And it felt pretty damn good.

And we felt like we could do anything we wanted to do even be a mermaid who's best friend is a Pegasus married to a Griffin. 

My "please for the love of everything holy NO" cry screams uncontrollably when this un-fun version of existence is considered the "norm".

When it's decided that life is just hard.

Life is filled with stress and there's nothing we can do about it.

We're struggling, but ah well what is there to do?

I've got you. ANd I know what to do.

Reach out your hand towards me so that I can grab it and lead you back to a sane existence.

Talk to me!

Comment below and let me know...

What is the "BUSY-ness" of your life?
Do you know that you're magical, or is the good stuff "for everyone else"?