A little kid is running on the concrete, eats shit, and scraps up his knees.

It's pretty bad and looks nasty. He's begging for a band aid. You know it's a cover up and in a few minutes the pain will catch up with him. He needs to have it cleaned out and treated, but all he sees is the scrapes and he's begging for that band aid. 

Another child on the other side of the world is barfing his brains out, basically mom and kiddo are living at the toilet. He asks for a band aid. Mom KNOWS the cover up will help for a few minutes, but this problem cannot be solved (long term) with a band aid.  

You put a band aid in the general vicinity of the pain and magically they feel a lot better... Until the placebo effect wears off and they need another band aid. And then another. And another. 


At what point do we stop putting band aids on? Stop looking at symptoms and up level to curing the REAL problem?


When I started my business I was (often) providing band aids. I had no idea that what I was providing was a temporary cover up. 


Women coming to me with a decision looming... a symptom. 


The cycling of thoughts and inability to make a decision was not usually the actual problem needing to be addressed.  


Sure, I could help move them through the decision and feel happy and peaceful...


But after the dust settles there's life... still swimming in dysfunction. 


The lack of decision making is a SYMPTOM and the actual disease is OVERWHELM


or stress, or drama, or scatter, or frazzle, or however you prefer to label it... No matter what you call it, it's NOT helping. It's making life feel difficult.


And it is my nemesis.

Nearly every single day I ask myself, "How can I make my life easier?" And guess what... My life is WAY easy!!

I have not always felt that life was easy. I used to think that overwhelm was something that all people had to endure... It just is... So power through and move to the next thing. 


Let me call BS on this one. 


Life is NOT about powering through. Life is NOT about manning up. Nor is it about putting on your big girl panties. It's most definitely NOT being/doing all of the things for all of the people. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is meant for learning lessons with ease and power. We are meant to make things happen (not have things happen to us.)

I publicly apologize for spending so much time covering up symptoms, but I am here now doing my best to eradicate the disease all together. 

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