I was driving down a country road the other day having plenty of time to think.

Turns out when traffic has been almost eliminated from life I'm able to think about all sorts of things.

Space that used to be filled with traffic dodging and route choosing can be used in miraculous ways...

(Or, if I'm being honest, much of that space is filled with ridiculous thoughts that make me laugh to myself.)

Back to the point... 

I was driving and wondering, "What makes me good at eradicating overwhelm? Am I naturally better able to cope with that feeling of drowning in the junk? I don't think I am. Actually, I am the exact opposite of that."

I had a flood of memories come to my mind. Memories of recent times where I could NOT handle my shit. I was NOT okay and I was NOT enduring well. I was struggling. 

And I had to admit it. 

My name is Jaime,
and I have a low tolerance to overwhelm. 

Now that I've said that out loud... I hope that you won't feel ashamed to admit when life feels like too much. Because sometimes it is! But that's not to say there's nothing we can do about it...



Sometimes we label it different things...








We've all felt it at one time or another. 

I refer to my overwhelm as a feeling of "TOO MUCH!!!!" 

WHen I feel the "Too Much" coming on

  1. I quickly develop a strategy to make my life feel more at ease.

  2. I communicate my system to those around me.

  3. I make that shit happen like a boss! 


What do you call your overwhelm?

Do you do something about it?

Or do you feel like you are chasing rather than flowing??


Talk to me

Comment below and let me know. 

What do you call your overwhelm?

What makes you feel the most stressed?

What does it look like when it all feels like "TOO MUCH!"?