…Coaching designed for those sitting in overwhelm & would rather set themselves on fire than face any more choices/obligations/ideas/prospects/options...


This is for you IF...

  • Many days it feels like the overwhelm is winning

  • You want to punch overwhelm in the face (or maybe a junk punch is more your style)

  • You constantly ask others what you should do or what they would do if in your place

  • Options overwhelm you (many times because they ALL seem so good)

  • Parts of you seem to constantly be at odds and disagreeing

  • You’d rather set yourself on fire than have to make a choice (even if sometimes you suck it up and do it anyway.)

  • You've used one of these words/phrases to describe yourself in regards to making decisions: insecure, perfectionist, overwhelmed, I don’t want to let anyone down, I can’t do it, I don't want to say "no" to all the rest


As an overwhelmed individual, many of the points below will sound like farce,  completely impossible, laughable even... but I'm for realsies.

  • Making decisions for YOU (and totally on your own) & I ain't lyin'

  • Confident in your final decisions

  • Limiting Beliefs changed to the Belief You’re Unlimited

  • Increased balance as life moves forward

  • Skills to cope with overwhelm

  • Mindset around options and probable disappointment

  • Integrating the different parts of yourself

  • An understanding of your values and their part in decision making

  • Your personal mission statement

I am looking to help you make some SERIOUS ACTION JACKSON!

My ultimate goal is for the women of this world to be such masterful decision makers, living a life based on their own values with feelings of peace and freedom, that I have to build myself an entirely new practice! Yes please!!