"I want to be a Problem Solving Parent!"


Learn skills to teach your child to become a decision making master with my free video series!


I have put together a program. And let me start with the most important part… it is FREE 99.

If you like FREE, keep reading.

Not only are you hot, you are smart too. What lucky children you have! Now let’s get this Problem Solving Party started. Your kids are going to be DECISION MAKERS. And they will thank you for it.

The little people in your life will solve problems like a boss! And guess what… that means that they will leave you alone sometimes.

Yep, you read that right…

some solitude. Because they will no longer need mama constantly by their side solving every little thing for them… because you have taught them the skills to make it happen themselves! Go you! 

If you are a helicopter parent and like it that way, this is not the place for you. You are going to hate 99% of what I have to say. (So my advice to you would be to stop reading now, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.)

If you are a mum who can, and wants, to let her children learn from mistakes in life while the price tag is still low (i.e. a bump on the head, some emotions come up, detention at school, a burned bridge.) If you are unwilling to be the parent that grooms her child to be an adult who wants mama to come rescue them, then I am confident that I can help you… if you like my style. (And actually take the steps.)

Whether you choose to participate in my program or not, do me a few favors…

1. Please do not take what anyone says with extreme literalness. I am not an advocate of following blindly. What I mean by this is that tips and ideas can be given to you, but you know your child and family. You may need to make some tweaks to have it fit.

2. If you do not believe you, then your kid sure as hell isn't going to believe you. When you say something, you have to know that you are going to follow through. If you know you are not going to then so does your amazing, smart, intuitive, and talented child. Kiddos are smart and they are reading you like a book!

3. However you choose to raise your children please make sure it is healthy for your family and then be consistent. Inconsistency makes everyone feel like they are taking crazy pills… and then we end up contradicting #2 where we don’t even believe ourselves anymore.

6 videos comin' at you over 6 weeks... FREE

If you would like to add one on one sessions where we can hash out the individual and specific behaviors you are attempting to thwart in the name of your children becoming pioneers in the world of problem solving… shoot me an email @ YouAreADecisionMaker@gmail.com  

I have worked with the toughest kids around. I have spent countless hours with the youth, biological parents, foster families, teachers, caseworkers, and mental health professionals. I have found commonalities and patterns within the lives of the families and I have broken down the information related to problem solving & decision making for you.

If you are a mom… then I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are busy. Like the crazy kind. I want to assure you that these videos are not going to be 90 minute webinars.

Ain't no mama got time for that!

I am respectful of your time (because I value how I spend mine.) I want as much time as possible to be for you and your family… not watching me talk on a screen. So I cut out the rambling and get to the point, because you've got stuff to do. 

"I want to mold my kids into decision makers!"

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