Are you living a lie?

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7 Lies about Life

For some reason we grow up and decide it means we need to "grow up"... How freaking boring and tedious!

We become adults, adulting around. We start saying we "should" do this and "have to" do that. We then riddle our souls with guilt if we don't do this or that... and even worse if we don't want to!

My name is Jaime, and I have never been a cookie cutter version of a person. Guess what, most of us aren't. And even better, most of us (ahem ME) don't even want to be. 

I want to be ME! I love being ME! It's fun and I get to make it as easy as I'd like to. I don't have to be me. I GET to be me!!

And you get to be YOU! And this world needs YOU. Not what you "should" be... the actual YOU that is beautiful and glorious and I want to tell you that over and over again until you understand it, and then I want to tell you some more. 

You deserve to know of your worth. That you are WORTHY. That you are magnificent. That you have a power needed and all you have to actually DO is show up as yourself. 

We tend to forget that we are beings that deserve joy. JOY is my birthright (which means it's yours too!) 

I want/desire/dream/crave/yearn to shed some light on the BS we carry with us in life... bullocks! 

Here are 7 lies about life  (I admit I used to believe.) I aim to dissolve and replace with truths making you feel light and ready to step in your power with ease.


A video in the case you'd rather listen/watch over reading... I make easy happen. That's why they call me "Jaime Marie easy as 1 2 3."


1. Life sucks & then you die

Haven't we all heard this? And kinda felt like this before? Have you ever asked yourself why it has to be so hard? Or wonder when life became a series of errands & tasks?

I want to snap you into my reality and heal this pattern pronto. 

Why do we choose to allow negativity to become such a running themes in our lives? Why does this bull shit get to become a common phrase in our society? 

Allow me to move you into fun & ease. How can life be more fun right now? How can tasks be easier?

Life is beautiful and you get to live! 

2. I should....

I should be doing this. I should be doing that. I should go there. I should go do that. I should be this. I should be that. I should be/do/have more things for more people more of the time. 

There are no "shoulds". Stop it.

There's "If I really wanted to, I coulds" (eloquently suggested by Louise Hay.)

And if you don't want to, there's the phrase my Mother-in-law uses Spanglish style... "This is not for me. Thank you."

Stop shoulding all over ourselves and start owning our lives.


3. I have to....

You don't have to. You get to & you choose to.

I don't have to pay my bills. I choose to pay my bills because I like (and get) to have a cell phone with all the amenities that make my life easier (ahem, internet in my pocket!)

Excess obligation leaves us feeling scattered & torn. 

Switching language & outlook from OBLIGATION to CHOICE can curb the stress and magically turn it into good vibrations.

I want to show you how choices make you feel powerful within your life & the world.


4. I'm not enough

YOU ARE ENOUGH!! As you are. Right now. Without anything else added or taken away. Just you sitting there right now. You're enough!! 

Quitting the "shoulds" and the "have tos" helps ease into knowing that you're, in fact, enough.

You're not required to be all the things to all the people all of the time. All you're required to be is you. And I speak for everyone when I say we'd love it if you'd show up as the best version of YOU (not the best version of your neighbor, or sister, or friend, or person on the internet you follow... YOU!)

I have the talent to lead others into KNOWING for themselves, "I AM ENOUGH". Say out loud at least one time right now. Feel it. It's real.  I've done it before, and I will do it for you. All I need from you is a bit of openness & willingness to be enough, and I can take it from there. 

5. It is what it is

Is it? Or is it what we make it?

Have you decided, "This is just what adulting is"? 

It is what it is... or are you looking at what is and moving towards making it better, best. great, spectacular, MAGICAL! Some days feel blah, & then I have a virtual dance party with a couple of friends. Some days feel lame, so I watch the honey badger video because it makes me laugh cry. Same days kinda suck, so I listen to some Abraham Hicks to lift me up. 

I will lead you out of "It is what it is" & into "It is what I make it, & I choose to make it mine."

6. Guilt is just part of it

NO. Just no.

If there's a positive step you can take right now in a direction to make something whole, make it. If there's not, drop it & have a great day.

Guilt traps are another version of feeling you're not enough. Once you know you are enough, there's a lot less guilt. 

I have some tricks up my sleeve to bring you up &out of the yuckiness of guilt. I'd love to teach!

7. nothing that can be done.

Are you a human being with free will? Are you reading this right now? Then I am in yo face saying there is definitely something that can be done. 

Step 1: Reading this page (Congratulations! You're almost done with the first step!! You're already nailing it!)

Step 2: Attend the workshop in SLC where you'll be given practical & realistic ideas that WILL work for YOU in your real life. A concrete plan for moving forward, onward, & upward.

(Not going to be in SLC on June 25, 2016? Schedule a free call to get started on your Step 2. Sign up here for a chat.) 


I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't too long ago I was sitting around, efforting along, trying and doing boring junk. And it hit me... 

ALL of it is a journey and a process. Once I get to a destination, I don't stay there forever. I move on and up. 

And if it's all a journey, I better learn to love this process.

I made a conscious choice to find ways to enjoy the process of progression.

As if it were magic (which it totally was) I had the support, love, and relationships with others just like me. A tribe of people who desire to live life free from the shoulds, have tos, & obligations. An entire tribe who get to live life & make choices in ease, joy, & flow. 

Having a group, a tribe, a comradery of people has made my progression so much easier and a hell of a lot more fun.

Use the support of the group at the workshop to propel you into a life you love. To a life that FEELS genuine. To a life that feels fun. 

No more going to bed feeling as if, "I didn't get enough done today." 

How would it feel to lay down to sleep with the sense of knowing you did your best, fully engaged, and in love with being you?

(Schedule a free call if you want to know more about me & how I work. Sign up here for a chat.) 


What they're saying...

This is a no brainer...

worst care scenario, you meet some rockstar Ladies who want to support you



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