You are overwhelmed by the overwhelm.

You're chasing. You're scattered. You're stressed. You're spiraling. 

You're indecisive. You're unsure. You have no idea what to do next. 

You're overwhelmed by all of the options.

You are scared to say yes to one because then you are saying no to everything else. You are worried you will regret actions, not make the right move, not do enough, do a gazillion things and still have a list into the infinities. Even thinking about all of it is just too much. 

I could find your pain points and press on them. I could point out all the ways in which your current line of thinking/acting isn't working for you. I could write in a manner that stresses you out. I could add to your overwhelm naming ME as your solution... And this is what I am told I "should" do my the sales and marketing experts.)

But you are already well aware of your pain points. You already understand that the cycling thoughts aren't working for you. You are already stressed out enough without another person online piling on ideas and guilt and input. 

You are overwhelmed by the overwhelm and I have no desire to add to that drama.

Let's save the drama for yo mama.  

I genuinely want to help and serve women who are struggling with the stress of busy. I want to support you. I want to guide you. And I want to do that in a way that suits YOU. 


Not a formula not a template.

I will take you by the hand, if that is what you need.

I will move you through the block gently, if that is what you need.

I will push you through the block if that is what the situation calls for. 


I do NOT want to add to the drama, the overwhelm, or the nonsense you consistently experience, instead I will tell you a story...

Too much! (a true story)

I had recently moved from Southern California to a small town in Northern Utah. And it was winter. While winter is not necessarily my jam, I did not argue on one snowy day when school was cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Because we were 13 years old and had a spontaneous day away from school my friends and I decided to go on a sledding adventure. We packed on the clothes. We braved the conditions. We went in search of a decent hill. 

After some exploring and a bit of hiking we found our spot. When dry it was a dull rock pit, but while snow covered... it was our sledding dream. 

One friend, declaring herself the expert, went down the hill first. She cruised down laughing in joy with a gleeful squeals along the way. It was my turn next. I carefully sat on the sled, took a deep breath and I was off. It was hilarious to feel myself sliding in such a way. I couldn't stop smiling if I'd wanted to. 

I called up to the friend that remained reporting to her that it was, indeed fun. 

She was alone at the top of the hill. I watched as she placed the sled down on the powder. She carefully lowered herself into place. Pausing for a few moments before she lifted her feet and allowed the sled to carry her swiftly down the path that had been created by those waiting below. By those who had declared it a magnificent ride. 

I watched in anticipation as she flew down the hill. I wondered if my joy also looked like that, her face cringing as if in agony. And then she yelled out, words clear as if she was standing right next to me, "TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was simultaneously amused at her exclamation and concerned. I could not contain my laughter as she approached us at the bottom. I regained my composure and asked, "Too much what?"

"I don't know. Everything? All of it. Everything." She was out of breath. She sighed and paused for a moment before repeating, "Too much." There was too much emotion, there was too much snow, it was too steep, the air was too much, the speed was too fast, it was too fun, and there were too many unknowns. 

And then there was the confusion.

Her friends had gone before her. They dubbed it fun and awesome and encouraged her to experience what they had. But her experience was quite different. It was "Too much!!!"

This is such a perfect way to describe so many parts of life! 

As hilarious as I found the outcry, I have found it to be the best way to describe life when it becomes overwhelming. 

As stuff overwhelms, more stuff keeps coming and piling on. Before you know it you're overwhelmed by the overwhelm screaming, "TOO MUCH!!" desperate for a resolution. (Lucky for my friend the resolution came effortlessly at the end of the hill.)

But now she had some decisions to make. 

Would she call it a day? No more sledding, head home with her friends going on without her?

Would she watch on the sidelines as her friends continued to enjoy themselves? Declining each time they invited her to participate? 

Would she jump right on and keep on keepin' on hoping that at some point she may be able to enjoy it and the "too much" would go away?

What would she do?

She allowed me to help her.

She allowed me to speak to her about what she felt. She allowed me to walk with her back to the top of the hill. She allowed me to review options. She decided to trust me and to share the load. What was too much on her own didn't seem like it would be too much when it was shared. 

After watching her 2 friends demonstrate the sled ride as a shared experience (2 peeps to 1 sled), she decided that she could use me to ground her in a situation that had previously seemed impossible to be grounded during. 

At first I took the bulk of it. I was in front. She could hide behind me and shelter herself from some of the elements if it began to be too much. Gradually she was able to experience each part of the adventure.

She needed to process through the parts before it seemed possible that she would be able to enjoy the enterprise as a whole. 

And she didn't have to do it alone because I was willing and wanting to guide her through and past the 'too much' because that was her goal. 

Eventually she jumped on the sled and cruised down the hills without such overwhelm. And that doesn't mean that she never ever ever felt overwhelm ever again. But it did mean that she knew she was capable of getting to the other side of "Too much" and liking the experience she was having and choosing. 

Moving passed the "TOO MUCH" was what she chose to do in this situation. I bet there are times that she feels like events are too much, and the end result does not seem worth it for her to get passed and she instead decides to move on rather then threw. And sometimes this is the best decision. 

You do NOT need to "put on your big girl panties." You need to acknowledge and know your needs/wants as an individual and act according to your personal value system and mission. 

It is my pleasure to hold the hand of those lost in the "TOO MUCH". I can hold that image of the whole picture and/or experience while you move through the parts and the overwhelm in practical ways that get you back to sanity. 

It brings me happiness when I witness someone go from having
too much "too much"
to having relief in ways that work for them.

What part of the process are you in?